MJCBS is a construction company that is proud of its family root’s, following a journey from a small construction team to the successful company that it is today, and serving only the best interest of our clients.

Our mission has been to encourage, build and develop our personnel with the correct tools to deliver on every aspect of the company’s ethos and values.

MJCBS aim to deliver on key values of:

•   Considerate

•   Sustainable

•   Trust

•   Loyalty

•   Expertise

•   Quality

By working together and combining these values we can create an environment that we can all be proud of and continue our journey to making a difference in our local & wider communities.

Every year MJCBS enjoy carrying out activities to support local and national charities including sponsored challenges and the contribution of staff volunteers to various projects. MJCBS are honoured to have supported national & local charities, schools and businesses including Ronald McDonald House Charity, Wilden Lane Primary School, Wroughton Day Care Centre, Maggies (Cancer Care) & CCP (Caring for Communities and People) Charity.


The Health and well-being of our employees, sub-contractors and communities is a key factor and number one priority on all projects.

MJCBS employ a full-time Health and Safety Manager to ensure absolute compliance and all employees are involved in a high level training matrix, to ensure all staff are highly trained and competent in their job roles.